Preventative Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

Your roof is the first line of defence, protecting your home and contents from the elements with regular roof maintenance inspections year after year.

Roof problems can very quickly escalate causing a lot of damage to your property and belongings if your roof isn’t properly maintained.

In the UK the most common roofing materials are slate and cement tiles. Thatch and shingle tiles are also used but less frequently.

It is important that you have a trusted roofing company keep an eye on your roof for signs of wear and damage so you can make a repair before expensive damage is caused. Just a broken tile or two can allow strong winds to lift your whole roof off!

A roof has a lot of work to do, protecting from rain, ice, snow, wind as well as heat and cold too. Add wildlife and plant damage into that and damage can soon occur.

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These different weather conditions and circumstances put great stresses on your roof.

The expansion and contraction with the changing temperatures of the seasons can soon dislodge, crack tiles and slates, or cause them to slip out of position.

Animal, birds and wildlife can often cause damage to cement work, chimneys, ridges etc. which can cause tiles and slates to slip.

Quite often, the first thing you know about a loose ridge tile is when it lands in your garden or on the bonnet of your car in your drive as soon as the wind gets up.

Wintertime and a good storm very often reveal damage that has occurred previously. All it takes is a strong gust of wind to get under loose slates or tiles and large sections of your roof can come crashing down to earth, causing even more damage than to just the roof itself.

One of the most common areas in need of roof maintenance is the cement flashing around chimneys and brickwork. Once moisture permeates the cement it will soon breakdown following a few frosts and heavy rain.

Guttering and fascias can also cause problems to your roof. If fascias are not maintained they will rot, causing truss damage which is costly to repair.

Annual roof maintenance inspections can highlight potential roof issues saving larger repair bills in the future.

Small levels of roof maintenance by your local roofer can protect you from large re-roofing bills later on. A well maintained roof will last for decades, a roof left to rot will cost you much more in the long term.

An annual roof inspection provides the security you need to know that your property is ready to fend off the worst of the winter weather.

Knowing that your roof in secure and watertight will give you piece of mind during the harshest of winter weather.