A Guide To Solar Lighting

A Guide to Solar Lighting

Providing ambient barbeque lighting with solar lighting is becoming ever more popular because of their low cost and zero running costs.

It is faster and easier to install solar powered lighting compared with traditional mains lighting. Without the requirements of mains power, solar units offer much more flexibility.

Solar technology has developed rapidly during the past few years.

Power consumption requirements have been reduced with the use of LED bulbs, which also give increased illumination. Direct sunlight used to be a necessity for solar lights to charge enough to work properly.

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Recent solar technology harvest energy much more efficiently. Solar technology is developing fast and is expected to continue to do so.

Different designs and styles of solar garden lighting are available. Wall mounted lantern style lighting. Lanterns for post or hanging mounts. Strings of fairy lights in different designs.

Recessed spot lighting for decking applications. Solar security spot lighting with motion sensors.

Additionally you have a choice of solar lighting with integrated solar panels, or external wired panels which allow you to position the panel in the best position to harvest maximum natural light. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of solar generation.

In order to work well, integrated units usually require more sunlight for longer because their solar panels are usually smaller.

Solar lights with external wired panels will usually charge faster and more efficiently because the panels can be larger and ideally placed.

Best Garden Solar Lights supply a range of solar lighting designed to work well in the UK. This is important because many cheap units are not suitable for the often cloudy, overcast weather that’s prevalent in Britain.

Operational performance of solar lighting can easily be improved by replacing factory fitted rechargeable batteries with high quality ones which will hold a charge for longer. Your solar lights will be more efficient with high performance rechargeable batteries fitted.

How to Use Solar Lights

The location of your lights will determine their solar efficiency. If possible, place your lights in direct sunlight for the bulk of the day. Direct sunlight will charge your lights fastest, shady conditions will extend the charging time needed.

Avoid siting your lights where they will be shaded by trees or buildings as this will affect their performance. Renewable energy technology is a huge growth area, with million being pumped into development annually.

We can expect light performance to further improve as solar panel and battery technology evolve. Year on year, the sales of solar renewable energy products continues to rise.

In addition to reducing energy bills, solar energy is cost free for the planets natural resources.